Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Great game to keep kids writing : My sounds in the den

Hello I'm Magic and I'm a character on Letter Layers, a game that helps children write cursively. I know a lot about handwriting so watch out for my TOP TIPS over the next few posts.
This first game is called - My sounds in the den. It is a Level 1 Activity which is for children who are still developing their understanding of what a letter looks like and sounds like. If you want more information on the different levels look back at our blog from the
9th August.
This game is great for helping children match the sound of a letter to what it looks like.
What you need:a space where you can make a tent/den and objects beginning with each of the letters in letter group 1 a,c,e,o,s,x ( you can see them in my picture too!) e.g. an apple, a cup, a toy elephant, an orange, a toy snake and a box . You also need 6 post its or stickers on each post it/sticker write one group 1's letters.

1) With your child make your special sound den. If you have a tent this will work if you don't have one don't worry! l I'll let you in to a secret! My favourite type of den is the one you make with a sheet thrown over a table - this will suddenly turn the space under the table into the best den in the world!

2) Put all of your objects in the box and head into your special sound den. Remind your child that this is a space for sound experts! Spread the post it notes/stickers on the "walls" of your den. With your child look at each letter and see if they are able to name the sounds- do it together.

3) Next ask your child to close their eyes , reach in the box and choose an object - make this really exciting - you could put a cover over your box and get your child to try and guess what the object is before they see it. Once they have chosen an object ask them what it is.

4) The next step is to work out which of the sounds the object begins with. Look round the den again at the sounds you have stuck on the "walls":-). Does the object begin with any of these sounds? When you find the correct sound stick it to the object.

5) Repeat this process until all of the sounds apart from "x" are stuck to objects. Remember to tell your child how AMAZING they are with their sounds! Pretend that you have finished the activity "That's it then - we've done all of our sounds..." I bet your child will say "No we haven't! We still have this one!" Your child may or may not recognise the letter x - See if they can hear the sound at the end of "box" really emphasise the end sound.

...and you've finished! As a reward for being such so super with sounds read your child's favourite story in the sound den.

Keep checking back for my next great idea for keeping kids writing over the summer!

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