Tuesday, 25 August 2009

WOW: A letter of recommendation

Letter Layers received this letter recently - For those of you without a magnifying glass :-) it says...
Dear John,
Many thanks for sending the cd on approval. WOW! My son loves it and I can honestly say within him doing the first two letters there was a huge improvement in his confidence and attitude. To visually see those lead in and out strokes has helped him to understand that joined up handwriting is not as hard as it seemed. I can actually see him thinking of where to start and where to join-the concentration is much improved. Once we got over the hurdle of "we don't do this one like this at school" referring to the loop letters. I managed to persuade him to have a try and reassured him that it was ok and that the flow was better. He was in agreement and we have decided to go with your style. A heart felt thank you to you and your wife for producing this wonderful resource. It truly has helped my son - he loves it and says it is great fun! Sincere regards...
We are so chuffed with this. More evidence that handwriting is a key skill for children to develop and they can develop it in a fun way!Letter Layers works and we are looking forward to telling more people about it! Do get in touch if you want more info enquiries@letterlayers.co.uk we can send copies out for sale or return - have a go, see what you think!

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