Sunday, 9 August 2009

It can be hard to keep kids writing over the summer. Over the next few weeks we're going to be posting some fun ways to get kids into writing.

Of course children are all at different levels so look out for our activity rating! Children in all three of these levels may not be writing cursively. If you want specific help to get your child writing cursively have a look at

A level 1 activity is for children who are unfamiliar with what letters look like and the sounds they make.

A level 2 activity is for children who are familiar with some letters and the sounds they make.

A level 3 activity is for children who are starting to hear sounds at the beginning and end of words and are becoming more confident at linking letters to the sounds they make but can not write them.

Each week we will concentrate on a different group of letters:

Group 1 letters: aceosx

Group 2 letters: dgqzf

Group 3 letters: imnruvw

Group 4 letters: ltbhkjpy

Our first activity will be for children at level one. If you want to prepare for it you will need a space where you can make a tent/den and objects beginning with each of the letters in letter group 1 e.g. an apple, a cup, a toy elephant, an orange, a toy snake and a box.

Watch out of the next post!

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